Desert Camping with Sunset & Sunrise

Here we’d like to let you know the details of our popular tour, Desert Camping with Sunset & Sunrise. We pick you up from your hotel in Erfoud or Mezouga, or you may arrive from Fez or Ouarzazate on the same day. The tour starts at some time between 4 to 5 in the afternoon.

– DAY 1 –

1) Drop off your luggage

Nasser Palace

When you arrive in the desert, drop off your luagge in the desert hotel. Prepare for one night camping. No water, no electricity. Bring one mineral water bottle, and some other drinks if you think you need it.

2) Camel trekking 1 – 2 hours


We start with a group a camel man takes the rope and all of us go together. It’s a long ride, but camels are usually very quiet and easy to be on it. While on the ride, keep a bottle of water with you during the summer time.

3) Tent for overnight


Among the dunes, you’ll find the tents for your overnight stay. Tents for sleeping, for eating and for cooking.

4) Toilet in the desert


Lately, Berber people prepare a toilet for camping. It’s useful, I guess.

5) Cooking in the desert


The camel man also cooks tajine for you. They know how to cook well.

6) Today’s dinner


Appritif: Nuts and tea, Main: Chicken tajine, Dessert: Seasonal fruits. Very well prepared. You’ll get full soon.

7) Inside the tent


One tent for each group. A tent can be bigger or smaller depending on the number of the people. You may need a sleeping bag in winter.

– DAY 2 –

 8) Sunrise over the dune


A camel man wakes you up before the sunrise starts. Go over to the top of the dune and wait for it with your camera. It can be one of the best shots of your life.

9) Going back to hotel


After the sunrise, take the camel again and go back to the hotel you started. On the second day, it should be rather easier to be on a camel.

10) Hot shower in a hotel


After the camel ride and overnight stay in the tent, hot shower is like a gift from the heaven.

11) Breakfast at the hotel


You’ll find out having breakfast in a clean hotel courtyard is not so bad at all. All these are included in the tour price.

For the prices and the booking;

Desert Camping with Sunset & Sunrise. by Morocco Desert Palm Tours


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