Merzouga 4WD Desert Trip

Merzouga is not the place only for the camel trek and the desert camping. If you take our Merzouga 4WD Desert Trip, you will find more about the secrets of the desert!

1) Pick up at the hotel in Erfoud or Merzouga


We’ll pickup you up with our 4WD. In Merzouga town, we have a gas station and a supermarket but once we leave there, everything around us is just the sand.

2) Visit Merzouga Lake


Can you believe it? There’s a lake in the middle of the desert. If you are lucky enough, you’ll see some birds arriving here and in spring time, flamingos often can be seen.

3) Gnawa Music Show

Gnawa Music Show in Merzouga

We stop by a village of Africans, where we can enjoy a short Gnawa music show. Gnawa is African Islamic traditional music, originally ritual, and now quite popular especially in Morocco.

4) Panorama of Dried River

Merzouga Dry River Panorama

Desert rivers are usually dried and it’s called wadi. From the top of the hill, you can enjoy a great view of wadi in the desert.

Outdoor shops near panorama

On top of the hill, local boys are selling local products to tourist. Merzouga is famous with its fossils and minerals, they sell accessories or trays made of those materials.

5) Drive through Old Merzouga Town

Old Merzouga Town

Merzouga was originally developed by the European army and later local people built a new town, which is the current Merzouga. Old town is still there, but no one is living, it’s like modern ruins.

6) Visit the Desert Mine

Merzouga Mine

We stop by at the desert mine, where we can see various stones and minerals. Right under your steps, you can find shining stones.

Merzouga mine worker

Mine workers are working here daily. We can actually see how they take out precious stones by hand tools.

7) Lunch in a Berber Tent

Berber Tent in Merzouga

We have a lunch in a Berber tent in the middle of the desert. This is also a stop for camel trekking tours and you can actually stay overnight here with blankets or sleeping bags. No toilet.

Lunch in desert tour

Lunch is traditional Morrocan food, prepared by local people. Moroccan salad, brochette (broiled chicken or ramb), or tajine, and fresh fruits.

8) Desert Driving on the Way to Town

Going back to Merzouga town

We will have a long desert driving to get back to the real world. No road. No signs. Just the driver knows where to go. Please enjoy an amazing desert view and thrilling driving!

About 6 to 7 hours. You can join the tour either after or before your desert camping. This is usually a private tour being arranged upon request.

For the prices and the booking;

Merzouga 4WD Desert Trip
by Morocco Desert Palm Tours

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