Fez One Day Tour

Medina in Fez is just like a maze.
When you walk around there, you’ll always end up in somewhere you don’t know!

If you want to visit famous places just in a day, let’s walk with our English speaking guide!

1) Departure in Fez

We’ll pick you up from a hotel or riad in Fez in the morning.

2) Bab Bou Jeloude

Fez Bab Bou Jeloude

Fez medina starts from here

This is the symbol of the medina in Fez. Outside, it’s the color of Fez town, blue. Inside, the color of Islam, green. A lot of restaurants and gift shops are here. Tourists, merchants. and donkeys! The most exciting place in the medina.

3) Bou Inania Madrasa


One of must visits

Fez was once a sacred center of the Islamic world. This madrasa, Islamic school tells us how the city was sophisticated and culturally developed.

4) Nejarine Square


Caravansaray, Looks like a riad!

In this square, you can see a big caravan saray, an accomodation of caravans. Now it’s a museum, which has traditional furniture and pots, and tools for daily life.

5) Attarine Souk


At the end is Attarine Madrasa

This has been the busiest shopping street in the medina, and it still is. See people walking hurry, and talking loud!

6) Karaouin Mosque


Someone is always sitting at the gate

Established in the 9th century, one of the oldest universities in the world. Someone is always sitting here at the gate, keeping a book. So mysterious!

7) Tanneries


Like a page of children’s picture books

You can look down this place from a building nearby. This is a traditional leather factory, totally manufactured by hand! Fez is famous with leather goods, made by the materials coming straight from here.

8) Mellah in Fez el Jadid


Getting modern

After lunch, let’s get to the new part of Fez. This is mellah, used to be a Jewish quarter. The buildings are typical, you can tell soon it’s a kind of special district.

9) Bou Jeloude Garden


Closed on Tuesday

Right next to the medina, you’ll find a big garden, full of green. This place is also popular among local Fez people.

10) Fez Panorama


Satellite dishes on all the buidings!

At the end of the tour, enjoy panorama of Fez from the hill of Merenides Tombs, You’ll understand the town is surrounded by quiet mountains.

11) Back to hotel

Transfer back to hotel or riad in Fez.

For price and bookings:

Fez Day Trip

By Morocco Desert Palm Tours

Attarine Souk in Medina, Fez

English: A view of the Medina from the Jamai P...

English: A view of the Medina from the Jamai Palace, Fes, Morocco. Vue de la Medina de Fès, Palais Jamai, Fès, Maroc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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