Rissani, Berber Pizza and Souk, Ksars, Full of Local Colors!

Rissani is an oasis town in the southern part of Morocco, about 1 hour drive away from the Sahara desert area. Here’s the details of your one day trip to Rissani. Enjoy shopping in souk and try a huge Berber pizza!

1) Departure from Erfoud or Merzouga

We’ll pick you up from a hotel or riad in Erfoud / Merzouga in the morning.

2) Drive through traditional ksars

rissani, ksar

ksar in oasis

Ksar is a traditional residential complex in the south part of Morocco. In Rissani, you can find the best examples of  huge ksars. Local people are still there, keeping their traditional life style.

3) Visit a museum, Ksar el Fida

Ksar el Fida in Rissani

Museum, Ksar el Fida

Ksar el Fida is the biggest ksar in Rissani, once a palace for a sultan in the 19th century, Moulay Abd al Rahman. Now it’s open to public as a museum and a local guide will show you around the rooms.

Ksar el Fida

Ceiling glass of Ksar el Fida

Some rooms are still well preserved and you can enjoy elaborate decorations on the walls and ceilings.

4) Lunch time with Berber pizza

Berber pizza

Berber pizza

Berber pizza is a local specialty in Rissani. We usually call it “pizza” but actually it’s close to Italian  carzone, minced lamb and chopped vegetables are covered by pie sheet.

5) Visit Mausolem of Moulay Ali Sherif

Maousoleum, Rissani

Mausolem of Moulay Ali Sherif

Moulay Ali Sherif is the founder of Morocco’s current dynasty, Alaouite. He is originally from Rissani, and his mausoleum was built here.

Maousoleum of Moulay Ali Cherif

Maousoleum of Moulay Ali Cherif

The chambers are not open to public, but the courtyard is nice to stroll around with full of greens and a beautiful fountain.

6) Shopping in souk

Souk in Rissani

Souk in Rissani

We’ll get back to the town center and enjoy shopping in the souk, traditional local market. Souk in Rissani is one of the biggest around the area and you’ll find local clothes, potteries, herbs, cosmetics, also fine dates or sweets for your own gifts.

7) Back to Erfoud or Merzouga

Late in the afternoon, we will send you back to your hotel in Erfoud / Merzouga. A nice refreshing day in the desert!

For price and bookigs;

Rissani Day Trip

By Morocco Desert Palm Tours

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